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Many organizations exclusively track activities and ignore the results. AEGERIA is built to drive the focus back to your business outcomes.
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Business Insights
Supply Chain
AEGERIA dashboards clearly illustrate what is working well and what requires attention across your organization. Schedules, Labor, and Budget status are summarized and presented across the enterprise.
Rich summary reports provide deeper insights into business’ health and operations.
Know what you need to do to achieve a goal in a single click. From identifying dependencies to justifying a new resource hire, AEGERIA zeroes in on your needs, both immediate and long term.


Gain transparency across your enterprise
Realize your business objectives
Optimize your business operations
Mitigate risk to your organization
Reduce costs associated with external consulting
Eliminate the need for costly business tools
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On-demand status reports

One-touch status reports eliminate the burden of developing and delivering summary statuses to your leadership.

Real-time business management

Fully dynamic, AEGERIA provides immediate feedback to changes in your environment. The moment change occurs, you see it.

100% SaaS-based

The AEGERIA platform is 100% browser-based and secured in the cloud. There are absolutely no desktop or local computing demands, meaning no syncing and no lag time.

Avoid Unexpected Risk

Never be blindsided again. AEGERIA has your back!
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From incubator to multi-national enterprise, AEGERIA grows with your business - seamlessly scaling with your needs.
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Everything you need in one place

We don’t want you to have to change your processes. Rather, while you can fully manage your business in the AEGERIA platform, it is also possible to integrate into your business tools and use AGERIA to aggregate and provide insights into your business. Best-in-class ERP features built in, including:
  • Product management
  • Resource management
  • Project management
  • Budget management
  • Business modeling
  • Risk management