Introducing the AEGERIA Enterprise Strategy System.

Make real time adjustments to your enterprise strategy.

Traditional approaches to Strategy Development don’t work anymore

Created by seasoned executives and strategy consultants, AEGERIA solves a long standing corporate problem – strategic planning at the enterprise level simply can’t keep up with the changes in the marketplace today.

In an age when a single tweet can create a movement overnight, companies need to be able to respond instantly. Today, the average mid-size to large company is also dealing with a host of issues on a daily basis—reorgs, acquisitions, mergers, customer requests, regulatory burdens, economic disasters, litigation, and more.

Traditional approaches to strategy development are outdated in this fast-paced business landscape.

  • Do real-time events impact the direction of your company’s corporate strategy?
  • Can your company foresee the exact impact of each real-time event on its strategy?
  • Can your company adapt while staying focused on the larger picture?

These questions are time-sensitive. Traditional approaches to strategy development can’t help you answer them because they are simply too slow. You’ll need to engage consultants, wait for them to analyze the situation and recommend a solution.

  • What if your company didn’t have to rely on consultants?
  • What if you could completely manage your corporate strategy internally?
  • What if strategy development could be automated?

These questions led the founders of AEGERIA to design an entirely new approach to strategy development.

Cloud-Based, Dynamic Enterprise Strategy Management

The AEGERIA Enterprise Strategy System is cloud-based software that empowers executives to rapidly develop, manage and adjust their strategy in real time. It makes enterprise strategy actionable, flexible, and quantifiable.

As a dynamic strategy management platform, the AEGERIA ESS enables managers and executives to :

  • Realign their organizational structure with strategic goals.
  • Uncover inherently ineffective and inefficient organizational structures.
  • Increase staff engagement levels and morale.
  • Understand the strategic implications of business decisions.
  • Utilize assets that are not being used to their full potential in the organization.
  • Visualize how strategy and execution are being coordinated at all levels across the enterprise.

Our Mission is Simple. Make Dynamic Strategy Development Available To All Companies

In the 21st century, every organization should be able to build and change its strategic plan on the fly.

That is why we designed the AEGERIA ESS as a self-service tool. You don’t have to be an expert in strategy development to use the software because it guides you intuitively through the process.

When you’re building your strategy with AEGERIA, you’re leveraging a proven methodology that has been used in dozens of organizations – from small private businesses to global iconic businesses.

In addition, your team has access to the strategic expertise they need to be able to create and manage your strategic plan.

With AEGERIA, we are empowering companies to create dynamic strategic plans and keep strategy and execution on-track and in-line. We are empowering businesses to respond to marketplace changes in real time.