Benefits Of Using Aegeria

Introducing the AEGERIA Enterprise Strategy System.

Make real time adjustments to your enterprise strategy.

Real-Time Enterprise Strategy Management

Here’s How The AEGERIA ESS Works

The AEGERIA Enterprise Strategy System enables you to create your corporate strategy quickly and update it on the fly. At the same time, it ensures that you have strategic consistency throughout your organization.

With the AEGERIA ESS, you have a unified view into your organization’s strategy and you are able to bridge the gap between strategy and execution. Your enterprise strategy becomes dynamic—it evolves at the same speed that your company does.

The platform features a powerful set of cloud based tools. Here are some of them.

The Interactive Build Engine Guides You Through The Process

The AEGERIA Interactive Build Engine acts like your “strategy consultant in a box”. It uses questions, prompts and templates to guide you all the way through from strategy creation to validation.

The Strategy Validation Tool Ensures the Integrity of Your Strategy

The Strategy Validation Tool checks the integrity of your strategy on a department level and on a company level. It validates all dependencies and warns you about potential conflicts.

  • Esure your strategy is consistent with the rest of the organization.
  • Align all elements of your strategy with the business goals.
  • Identify potential resource conflicts.
  • Optimize resource allocation.
  • Single out projects that don’t support your strategic priorities.

The Roadmap Tool Quickly Translates Strategy To Execution

The Roadmap tool helps you analyze your existing strategy and create a holistic strategic roadmap for your organization.

  • Outline how execution should move through time
  • See the current schedule of mission-critical activities
  • Plan for exactly how long those activities will take
  • Understand the dependencies that affect those activities
  • Share the roadmap to keep executives and stakeholders focused

The Workflow Engine Keeps Everyone On The Same Page

The Workflow Engine eliminates the need for endless email trails. You get notified instantly when the status of a project changes, when a new service is added, when a deliverable is ready to review, etc.

  • Reduce project delays.
  • Real time execution status at any point in time.
  • Reduce misunderstanding and misalignment.
  • Improve accountability.
  • Instantly update stakeholders with any changes to your strategy.

The Strategy Simulator Answers The What-If Questions

The Strategy Simulator allows you to rapidly perform “what if” analysis of your strategy. You can model the impact of delayed projects, project cancellations, buy vs build options, scope extensions and much more without changing your existing strategy.

  • Simulate resource realignment.
  • Prioritize projects based on their expected impact.
  • Validate purchase decisions.
  • Evaluate the true cost of a late project.
  • Uncover new lines of business.

Our Prepackaged Strategy Templates Save You Time

You can kickstart your strategy development process with a template based on your industry or functional area. For example, if you’re the Head of HR, you can quickly get started with an HR template and edit it to reflect the needs of your specific organization.

  • Quickly answer the “What should be in my strategy?” question.
  • Ensure mission-critical strategic elements are listed.
  • Use a strategic plan developed by experts.

The Dynamic Status Engine Tracks Execution In Real Time

The Dynamic Status Engine displays the current status of services, projects and tools that affect your strategy. For example, simple red, yellow, and green flags help you quickly identify projects that are at risk.

  • Monitor the execution of both internal and outsourced projects.
  • Understand the areas where execution is lagging behind.
  • Start a discussion about resource growth.

The Status Reporting Engine Streamlines Reporting

The Status Reporting Engine allows you to quickly generate real-time status reports for your management, executives and other stakeholders. Each automatic report covers new changes, achievements, risks and upcoming projects related to strategic objectives.

  • Save time compiling status reports.
  • Ensure all critical information is present in your report.
  • Address any concerns about execution.

Experience Dynamic Strategy Management

With the AEGERIA Enterprise Strategy System, we have forever redefined the process of “strategic planning”. Instead of managing your strategy with static documents, you can adjust it on-demand and respond to any internal and external changes instantly.

The impact of this new, dynamic strategic approach on your organization cannot be described on a single web page. It affects everything from day-to-day operations to employee morale and investment decisions.

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